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Plan, diagram and pack your A/V gear like a pro

Never forget a cable again.

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Everything you need to make a plan

The app is packed full of features to make it much easier to plan for your next technical setup.

Draw cables between gear items and create a full wiring diagram of your equipment. Perfect for pre-visualising how it will all connect together.

See it in action

Our demo plan lets you explore how the application works, see what it does and how it can be integrated into your workflows.

All this and more

Even more features to help you get the most out of planning your equipment.

Plan sharing

Share a direct link to your plan with team members or your viewers. This will show up in read-only mode so they can explore it, but not mess it up!

Labels and zones

Use text labels and zones to makes your gear plans clear and descriptive. Really handy for showing other team members and helping them instantly understand your game plan.

Works for teams

Plan with your team from anywhere in the world, pick up where they left off, and get the ball rolling fast when new jobs come up.

Used by A/V professionals all over the world

Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, or an A/V professional, H2R Gear is here to help.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a gear plan?
A H2R Gear plan is a collection of items, cables and labels that describe your audio/video setup and how everything connects together. It’s a great way to plan and organise your equipment so that all your next production good as smoothly as possible.
Can I customise the look and feel of plans?
Yes, you can choose specific colours for all cable types - like HDMI, SDI, etc - so that you plan looks unique and makes sense to you. You can also use zones to mark off certain areas of your plans to be extra-readable.
What is plan sharing?
Send a plan link to friend or colleagues so they can explore your hard work. This is great for catching your team up on the latest gear you are using, or just to talk someone through a technical setup. Plan links are read-only, so no worries about anyone messing with your hard work.
Do I have to build all of my equipment?
Most likely not - The community library of gear is growing everyday, so the chances are that the gear item already exist in our system. Just grab it from the community library - make any changes you need - and use it on a plan.
How do Team subscriptions work?
A Team has an Admin and Members. When you start a Team subscription, you will be the admin of that team. From there you can add Team Members who can all see and edit plans shared to the team. An Admin or Team Member and share their personal plans with their Team.
I need some help!
Get in touch with the Help & Feedback link below and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.