H2R Gear

Pricing Plans

Start building for free, then upgrade to a plan for additional features.


Just the basics to get going

$0 /mo

Get Starter

What's included

  • 2 active plans
  • Community library


Perfect for in-house use

$5 /mo

Get Personal

What's included

  • 10 active plans
  • Community library
  • Plan sharing
  • Export PNG, JPG & PDF


Great for professionals

$15 /mo

Get Pro

What's included

  • 100 active plans
  • Everything in Personal
  • Patchlists
  • Zones
  • Left-to-right mode

Small Team

Small business friendly

$25 /mo

Get Small Team

What's included

  • 150 active plans
  • Everything in Pro
  • 3 included team members
  • +$8/m per extra team member

Growth Team

Ideal for the whole team

$80 /mo

Get Growth Team

What's included

  • 250 active plans
  • Everything in Pro
  • 10 included team members
  • +$5/m per extra team member

One-time event (10 day access)

$12 One time

Pay once • 10 day access to features • No subscription.

✔ All features in a "Pro" subscription

✔ No monthly subscription bill

✔ 10 day access to features

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Frequently asked questions

What's an “active plan”?
Plans in H2R Gear can be active or archived. Active plans can be edited and show up right within your dashboard. Archived plans cannot be edited without reverting them back to active. You can have as many archived plans as you want, however the limits of active plans are listed in the pricing breakdown.
I have a paid subscription, how do I convert to a Team?
For now, you can cancel your subscription via the billing history section and then re-subscribe to a team plan. We’re working on a faster method for this! Alternatively, send an email to support@heretorecord.com.
How do Team subscriptions work?
A Team has an Admin and Members. When you start a Team subscription, you will be the admin of that team. From there you can add Team Members who can all see and edit plans shared to the team. An Admin or Team Member and share their personal plans with their Team.
Do Team Members need to pay for a subscription?
Nope. Team Members will still hold their own personal account (it can be free or paid). They will have the same plans limit they had before, but they have the added benefit of getting access to all other Pro features. For example, they can add zones and export their own personal plans!
How do plan limits work for Teams?
The Team Admin can keep track of these limits in their own account as it is tied directly to the Team’s limits.
What if I need more team members?
Just get in touch and we can help with this - Pricing listed above. And be sure to reach out with any specific requests or needs.