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New in H2R Gear v1.21

Left to Right mode!

By John Barker • 28 November 2022

Let’s take a look

As always, we’ve been hard at work on some nice new fixes and features.

Left to Right mode

Pro and Team subscription required

Now you can visualise your setups in left-to-right mode - which has been a much-requested feature for H2R Gear.

With the press of a button, you can now flip the gear items and do a little bit of clean-up to get things looking right.

Left to Right mode

URL updates

When you load a plan, it now makes a subtle change to the URL to help you find your plan later.

For example, if you have named your plan ‘ATEM Mini Setup’ you’ll see…

app.h2rgear.com/plans/<plan_id> -> app.h2rgear.com/plans/<plan_id>?ATEM-Mini-setup

This simple new addition means you can search in your browsers URL for ‘h2r gear atem mini’ and your history will suggest the gear plan!

Sharing Team plans outside your team

Team subscribers can now share their plans outside their team accounts in read-only mode.

This way you can still share your plan with a non-team member and they will still be able to open it up.

Other fixes

  • Added a manual save button back into the plan
  • Better item search for paid users
  • Search memory dump more often for a faster experience

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