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Packing right for your next gig

Helpful tips to help you before your next show.

By John Barker • 13 May 2022

Packing tips

Packing for a live show can be a tricky task at the best of times.

Here are a few tips to get you on track and ready for your next big show.

1. Make a list

It all starts with a pack list. Grab some paper, a pen - or even better, use H2R Gear to make one for you.

No matter how you choose to do it, making a solid list before doing anything else is the perfect starting point.

We find it best to walk through all your requirements for a show and jot down exactly each piece of equipment you should take.

For example

  • 1x ATEM Mini Pro (Main switcher)
  • 1x HDMI Monitor (Multiview from the ATEM)
  • 2x HDMI cables
  • 1x HDMI camera
  • 1x Tripod
  • etc….

This listing will help you spot all the things you might miss if you just start grabbing things and sticking them in your bag.

2. Test it all out

It’s always best to test.

We tend to take all the items on our list and build a mock-version of the setup in the office. This way you can check if it all fit together.

We’ve lost track of the amount of times where you realise you needed that one extra HDMI cable for the HDMI splitter - without a test build you might have completely forgotten.

This testing can also help you make sure that everything works as expected and you don’t need to replace any items of gear before the production load in.

3. Pack it right away

Once tested, it’s best to start packing.

If you leave the setup in place for a day or two, a couple of items might start wandering off into new projects.

It can be so very tempting to grab an SDI cable from this test setup to use it for a few minutes somewhere else - then it never gets returned.

Best to pack it now, rather than later.

4. Add the extras

Stick in a few extra cables for sure - Maybe a spare couple of batteries and SD cards. Or an extra one of everything if you can mange it.

It’s these little extras that often get you out of a jam down the line.

Oh and now would be a good time to pack some tape.

5. Try to sleep on it

Now it’s all packed and ready to go, but the show isn’t until tomorrow! This give your brain a lovely amount of time to run through that list once more to ensure you haven’t forgotten about any requirements you promised.

Maybe you told the client you would bring a spare hard drive, or you like to pack your own mouse mats. Who knows, but time will tell.

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